Private events in Tel Aviv

An event in Tel Aviv on the sea – unique, original and unforgettable

A bar or bat mitzvah, a 40th birthday or any round birthday that is worthy of mention, an intimate or large event that you wish to produce to enjoy together with family and friends – each of these can be the most successful, the most special and the most stylish, as long as you choose the right banquet hall .

An event hall in Tel Aviv on the sea is always a good start to a spectacular and exciting event, but not every hall. Choosing Trask not only guarantees you the perfect location, which manages to combine all the comfort and style of Tel Aviv, and the beach which is really pastoral. More than that, we are completely in the business of assisting with all the necessary production elements – from a catering company to connecting with various first-rate suppliers, who will make your event happen.

In the central complex you are literally a touch from the sea, and you can see and feel it from all sides. In the Sky Lounge established on the roof of the complex, you are between the sky and the water – partying on a beautiful deck in the open air, with the sea right at your feet. It’s just as crazy as it sounds.

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