Event productions in Tel Aviv on the sea

When thinking about a location for a large or small production, there is always this dilemma – whether to go for an open place, with spectacular nature and a pastoral view, or to give up all of these and go for comfort and functionality, and most importantly – a central location, which guests will be able to easily reach. But wait a second, didn’t you think that both are possible? Events on Tel Aviv’s beach are the best of all worlds. Especially if you go to the Trask – an event hall in Tel Aviv port, which manages to be pastoral and quiet on the one hand, and on the other – located within walking distance of the city center. The entire complex is surrounded by the sea, and we made sure that you feel it well from every point where you are. In the Sky Lounge on the roof of the Trask, you can have a perfect cocktail party, right on the sea, just high up on a comfortable designed deck. In the main complex below, you can do whatever you want – this place knows how to be anything you dreamed of – parties, concerts, fairs, special social events and more, anything can happen. Our skilled production teams will take the vision you have and turn it into reality.

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