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When alcohol meets elegance, chic and luxury

This is already a standard. A good event is also measured by the drinks served there. But not about the drinks alone, but also about the way of serving, the “look & feel” of the bar and the staff, and in short – this whole experience called a bar. The bar service company operating in Trask is the BAR-DUCK, which has already become a brand in itself, and for good reason. The company, which was established more than 25 years ago, is one of the pioneers of Tel Aviv’s nightlife, and is a real name among connoisseurs. Not for nothing, BAR-DUCK’s bartenders, known for their exceptional professionalism, are sent to work at private luxury events abroad, and are sought after by anyone interested in quality and style in their event. We know what you’re thinking, so we’ll also mention the fact that they’re not only beautiful, they also know how to lift. An especially important ability in events.

As far as the company’s staff is concerned – there is no such thing as impossible: special cocktails, whipped creams, rotating bartenders and more… everything the customers can imagine – the staff can do. Is this your vision? Challenge expected.

We almost forgot to mention, BAR-DUCK’s alcohol menu is insanely wide and varied, everything is produced abroad, and of course you will find all the leading alcohol brands in the world there. In other words, this is what happens when alcohol meets elegance, chic and luxury.

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