Catering for Alto events

The Alto Culinary Company changes the rules of the game when it comes to food at events. Chef Yanai Levi literally brings to the table an experience, dishes and a concept that will leave your guests speechless. The rich experience gained by the staff members, along with the adoption of innovative cooking methods and familiarity with global culinary trends, make the food at the event the event itself.

But above all, the key to Alto’s amazing food is the fresh and finest ingredients, which never compromise on quality. In addition, the food is always prepared on site and as close as possible to the time of the event – a combination that creates a gourmet restaurant experience.

Alto’s professional team is ready for any scenario and any concept you propose, even if it sounds like a complete and unrealistic fantasy to you: do you want your guests to move between different positions and receive crazy dishes directly from the cooks? you will receive Would you like to seat your guests elegantly and comfortably around tables, and allow them to choose from a menu of gourmet dishes, served to the table, just like in a chef’s restaurant? you received Are you a lover of classics and prefer a rich buffet? Please, flow with you. A vegan wedding? Absolutely, we’re on it. Want to go crazy with the desserts? Our professional pastry shop is already equipped with everything you need.

We must warn in advance: there is a high chance that everything your guests will talk about after the fine food they were served fresh, or the spoiled desserts, which they didn’t even notice were kosher… So sorry not sorry, but when it comes to Alto catering –
The food is the event.

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