A wedding on the sea in Tel Aviv

Welcome to a location that will make all your dreams come true.

A canopy ceremony that begins in the most beautiful spot in Israel – in the Sky Lounge on the roof of the Trask, in the open air, right above the sea. If this reminds you of some crazy romantic scene you saw in a movie, it’s no accident. After a few drinks, breaking a glass, rings and also quite a few tears, but the good kind. Continue to the main complex. The uniqueness of the central space lies in the fact that it is completely surrounded by the sea, and there is no way not to see and feel it through the huge transparent windows. In this complex, your guests will be served a gourmet feast, which, not coincidentally, really reminds of the experience of luxury Tel Aviv restaurants. Next, the artistic program, the blessings, the drinks and the real joy for which we gathered – a stormy dance party.

By the way, if you’re thinking about a winter wedding, it really doesn’t mean you have to give up the sea. Our central complex is prepared for all weather conditions, and you will still enjoy the amazing view of the beach, through the beautiful windows.

In short, a central and convenient location, a spectacular beach, a view from the movies, fine cuisine, luxury bar services, stylish design and enormous happiness. The wedding you’ve always dreamed of is here just a touch away.

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