Event hall on the sea in Tel Aviv port

Welcome to Trask, an event hall located right on the beach of Tel Aviv, and yes, it is as good as it sounds, and even more. Behind the events complex is the Dynamo Group – which is also responsible for the Riverside in Yarkon Park, Dubnov Gallery in the heart of the city, Hayand in the south of the city and Lawrence in Jaffa. With over 20 years of experience in events and nightlife, you can’t go wrong.

Wedding or business event: you have arrived at the perfect place

Speaking of mistakes, it’s hard to go wrong with an event on the sea. Especially when you also take into account the comfort and style of Tel Aviv that enter this picture.
The central complex of the Trask is suitable for any type of event, from weddings to business events and large family events. A panoramic view of the sea can be seen from every direction in the hall through the huge windows and becomes the perfect setting for your event, whatever it may be.

The Sky Lounge: vibes of a beach party in Ibiza

On the roof of the complex we set up a Sky Lounge – a beautiful wooden deck right above the water, in the open air, which is difficult to explain in words the hysterical atmosphere and view it has. This complex is just perfect for receptions, canopy ceremonies and cocktail parties.

The road to the food: an unforgettable event begins with a high-class cuisine

The catering company Hachshara ALTO from GUSTO is behind the fine cuisine at events in Trask. Extremely high standards, the use of fine and fresh ingredients, and cooks who come to cook near the event – create dishes that are difficult to distinguish from those you will find in first-class gourmet restaurants.

BAR-DUCK’s professional bar services are also waiting for you there with high-end drinks, which will give exactly the happy touch needed at any event.

20 years of experience in the field of events does not go unnoticed

Behind the Dynamo group is twenty years of experience in the field of events, and this is evident in every detail. Trask has the most sought-after suppliers in the city, including sound and lighting teams, event designers and production teams, who will be at your disposal and make sure that your event is sweet and professional, with a minimum of administration on your part. In short, class with zero effort.


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