Business event on the sea in Tel Aviv

Amaze your guests with the most wow location in town

A business event, a conference, a fair, a company event and more – you can’t go wrong with choosing to hold them in Trask. First of all, the central and most attractive location in Israel – the second-to-none city of Tel Aviv, is already an opening figure that gives you a huge advantage. After all, who would refuse an invitation to a business event in Tel Aviv? Second thing – the sea, oh, Tel Aviv beach. An event that opens at the Sky Lounge on the roof of the Trask, with a sensational cocktail party, under the sky and right above the sea, it’s already wow. But this is not the end. In the central complex of the place, everything a business event needs to be successful awaits you – a huge bar, a spice of happiness, chic design, and most importantly – the sea view from all sides. It’s hard to go wrong here.

In case you want to go crazy – set up stands on the spot, bring a performance by a sought-after artist, a DJ will entertain the guests at a stormy dance party, or surprise your guests with any other special production, you should know – everything is possible here! The place can become anything you want: it has the spice, it has the means, and it has us, with heaps of experience in the field. In short, get ready to amaze your guests with the most wow location in town.

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