A breathtaking event complex, with a panoramic view of the sea

When we talk about an event hall on the sea – we mean it. A huge and spacious space, located a few meters from the beach, with huge transparent windows, which allow the view of the stormy waves to accompany you from every direction. Simply breathtaking. But the central space of the Trask is not only beautiful, it also knows how to be everything you want it to be. marriage? of course. A business event? Sure. In fact, the canvas is too short to accommodate the types of events that have already been held in this hall, so just say you’ll allow yourself to dream – we’ll make it happen here. The complex is flexible and versatile, it can accommodate any type of event – from celebrations such as weddings and family events such as bar mitzvahs, to large concerts, parties, conferences, fairs and more.

But your enjoyment of the place does not end here, because beyond a perfect and beautiful banquet hall, with a view that simply cannot be rivaled in its power – we will also take care of you with first-rate suppliers, who already know us and the place inside and out. The “finest” culinary company there is, advanced sound and lighting services, interior designers and basically everything you need to produce an event from the movies.

The central complex is suitable for events with full seating for up to 650 people. At parties or cocktail events, the place will also accommodate a thousand people or more.

Now stay with us for a moment – no matter what kind of event you are planning, holding it right on the beach, in the most stylish hall in Tel Aviv, is the way to ensure that it will be unforgettable. under responsibility

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