The ultimate combination between a gorgeous beach and the style and comfort of the city

An event in Tel Aviv on the sea? There is only one place that combines all the best this location has to offer. The ultimate combination between a gorgeous view, the style of a city, and the comfort and functionality of a central and advanced location. On the one hand, it is a nature site for everything – the beach is the most perfect and spectacular setting for any event whatsoever. On the other hand – you will not want to give up the comfort of your guests, facilitation, an organized parking lot and the best quality suppliers in the country. Choosing Trask for your event allows you to enjoy all the worlds, without compromising on any element of the event. Unlike other places, in Trask you can experience the sea from any direction and any way, and also in any season of the year. In the main complex, the waves look at you from all sides, through the huge windows, while in the Sky Lounge you are literally on the sea, in the open air. All this happens in a place that is easy and convenient to reach. What more could we ask for in this life?

If it’s a wedding event at all, we’ll close all the corners for you – around Trask you can find magical locations for the preliminary photos, whether a romantic photo on the old bridge or authentic moments on the beach, the area will provide you with crazy photogenic images, and you’ll even have time to rest and freshen up with the gorgeous view and a drink in hand Just before all the guests arrive. Is there anything more accurate than that?

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