SKY‬‬ ‫‪LOUNGE‬‬‫‪

A particularly dreamy location, between sky and water

Get ready to fall in love, because there has never been one before. The Sky Lounge, which is located at the top of the Trask, is a particularly dreamy location to start your event, or alternatively, hold the entire event, if it is a small event. This complex is perfect for cocktail events, small parties, and most of all – for tear-jerking canopy ceremonies, with the most romantic setting in the world. Just like you always dreamed.

It’s hard to explain this place in words, but we’ll try anyway – it’s a beautiful wooden deck that was built on the roof of the Trask complex, under the dome of the sky, and the sea, what about it? The sea is under your feet, just as if you are floating above the water, which makes it a real fantasy. Above you is the sky, below you is the water. Sunset party in Ibiza, meets the Titanic.

Is there anything more dreamy than the mesmerizing sea view, and the wonderful breeze caressing the face, even on the hottest day of the year? As you know, we at Trask are not satisfied with external beauty, and we made sure to equip this complex with everything you need to make your event stand out, and not just literally. The bar, the amplification, the lighting, and all the logistics in the place support the fact that you can hold your event there, which will be the most “fine” there is, and everything will be ticking.

In Sky Lounge, under the sky, you can hold a reception or a cocktail event for 500-600 people standing, or complete small events fully seated, up to 200 people. All these will be accompanied by a panoramic view of the stormy waves, a crazy breeze and immense happiness.

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